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The 4” Flange Adapter Kit is used to convert the groove end connection on the Deringer or Magnum shut off valves to a flanged end connection when the existing pipe connection is flanged. The Groove X Flange adapter can be used on all 4” Deringer and Magnum models. Included are the adapter, closure bolts and a sealing gasket.

The 4" Flange Adapter Kit includes:
  • 4" Flange Adapter
  • Closure Bolts
  • Sealing Gasket

Note: This kit is for the 4" Deringer and Magnum Shut Off Valves only.



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Flange Adapter Kit

  • Nominal Size: 4"
  • Pipe OD: 4.5"
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 250psi
  • Dimension Depth - Length: 8.82" x 10.94"
  • Flange Bolts: 8
  • Bolt/Nut Size: 3/8" x 2 ½"
4in Backflow Preventer Flange Adapter



Low Flow Poppet Action

Product  Warranty

This printable document provides information for the Backflow Direct one year warranty for Deringer and Magnum backflow preventers.

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