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6" - 8" 1st Check, 40(x)-50(x)

The 6" - 8" First Check Valve Assembly can be used on the Deringer 40(x) & 50(x) and Magnum 40(x) models for sizes 6" and 8" and comes pre-assembled from the factory ready for installation

The 6" - 8" First Check Valve Assembly includes:
  • First Check Valve Assembly
  • Cover Seal O-Ring
  • Retainer Bolt O-Rings
Note: This check valve assembly is for the 6" - 8" Deringer 40(x)/50(x) and Magnum 40(x) models only. The first and second check valves are not interchangeable.



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True-Seal™   Check Modules

The True Seal Check Valve was designed to incorporate a poppet only motion during the check stroke and is used exclusively on the first check assembly on the Deringer RP and RPDA models and Magnum RP model. This design allows a more consistent pressure loss across the check valve which helps maintain a steady and continual closure of the Relief Valve.

  • Light weight engineered polymer components
  • Modular for easy removal of complete check from body
  • Easily disconnect spring tension for safe check servicing
  • Replaceable Silicone Rubber Elastomer Disk
  • Excellent resistance to fouling.
Skewed View

Poppet Action


  • 100% of check stroke is that of a poopet check
  • Consistent static sealing
  • Excellent resistant to fouling
  • Reliable check closure
  • Stable flow characteristics at ALL flow rates
Low Flow Poppet Action



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