Common Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering New Backflow Parts

Are you stressing over finding the right backflow prevention equipment for your plumbing system? Here are three common mistakes to avoid when ordering new backflow parts to ensure a more successful purchase.

Misunderstanding Your Needs

Backflow prevention is not something the average person thinks about on a daily basis, which is why knowing what to ask for when ordering backflow preventer replacement parts can prove challenging. A big mistake that businesses and individuals make when purchasing equipment is misunderstanding their specific needs. For instance, there’s a huge difference between prevention assembly types, from double-check valves to reduced-pressure and pressure vacuum breaker options.

Double-check valve assemblies are suitable for preventing back siphonage and backpressure. In contrast, reduced-pressure devices are only ideal for preventing back siphonage. Not knowing which assembly is right for your cross connection, or even the definitions of back siphonage, backpressure, and prevention assemblies, makes the ordering process less successful and more stressful. Review our backflow prevention terminology guide to ensure you understand your specific needs.

Ordering the Wrong Size

There are many different assemblies of backflow preventers and types of valves; additionally, there is much variation concerning the size of these parts. Unfortunately, an easy mistake to make when ordering backflow parts is to purchase items that are too large or too small for your equipment.

Aside from being more difficult to install, improperly-sized components are counterproductive in preventing backflow. Undersized components underperform, while oversized parts can physically damage your pipes. Take accurate equipment measurements and order the products that match your size requirements.

Purchasing Poor Quality Products

What makes a quality piece of backflow prevention equipment? A few characteristics are dead giveaways, including durability, positive customer reviews, and lightweight design. Additionally, items sold through a reputable company are always high-quality. At Backflow Direct, we also have experience creating the Deringer Brand, which ensures we can help you find the best product for your backflow prevention needs.

Avoid these common mistakes when ordering new backflow parts by purchasing from us at Backflow Direct. Our knowledge, experience, and quality inventory ensure your cross-connection needs are completely satisfied.