Comparing Various Sizes of Deringer Backflows

At Backflow Direct, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best backflow products to meet the unique sanitation needs of their water supplies. Among our crowning jewels is the Deringer Backflow. These prevention devices are renowned for their cost-effectiveness and small, lightweight stainless steel design.

Moreover, Deringers are among the highest-performing backflow preventers in the industry. These incredible pieces of equipment come in various sizes, each best suited for a slightly different job. Below we’ve taken some time to describe and compare the different sizes of Deringer backflows we offer.

2” and 2 ½” Deringers

We think it’s best to start with the smallest Deringer Backflow Preventersfirst, which in this case are the 2” and 2 ½” models. To begin with, the 2” model is a double-check backflow prevention device. Its job is to prevent non-health-related pollutants from infiltrating a water supply.

These devices are best for preventing backflow in situations where backpressure or backsiphonage are the primary issues. Deringers are best for fire prevention, landscaping, and irrigation water supplies. The 2” model is actually the same valve as the 2 ½”, but the 2” comes with 2 1/2” Groove Couplings and 2” NPT x 2 1/2” Groove Adapters. The 2” and 2 ½” models are commonly used on small apartment complexes, townhomes, shops, and other small buildings.

3” and 4” Deringers

The size of a Deringer Backflow doesn’t change its purpose. So, the 3” and 4” models are designed to do the same thing their slightly smaller counterparts do.

The Deringer 3” and 4” are also incredibly effective at preventing non-health-related pollutants from getting into crucial water supplies. So, what is there to compare? Because they’re slightly larger, the 3” and 4” Deringers can handle larger water supply systems and piping.

Whereas the 2” Deringer might be substantial for smaller systems, the 3” and 4” are better suited for more expansive systems. 3” and 4” Deringers are often used for larger buildings like an office building with several stories, a school, or a carwash.

6” and 8” Deringers

The 6” and 8”Deringer backflows are worth comparing to the other sizes listed in this guide. So, let’s dive in. Like their counterparts, the 6” and 8” Deringers are essential pieces of equipment that protect water supplies from non-health-related pollutants. But—as you probably guessed—they are larger devices. As such, they’re better equipped to handle large water supplies than their counterparts. So, they’re often used on heavier-duty water supply systems. 6” and 8” Deringers are most often used in very tall buildings or very large warehouses.

In short, Deringer Backflows are incredible pieces of equipment. They come in different sizes, but their quality and impeccable design remain constant. If you’d like to know more about which size Deringer would be ideal for your systems, give Backflow Direct a call. We’ll answer all your questions and set you up with the best Deringer device to meet your system requirements.