Ames Backflow Preventer

All buildings are required to have a fire protection system to keep people safe. While people surely appreciate these systems, certain parts don’t often get the recognition they deserve. For example, many folks don’t even know what a backflow preventer is. In reality, a backflow preventer is one of the most important parts of these systems. This piece will answer the question: do fire protection systems require backflow preventers? The answer may surprise you.

Are They Required?

Simply put, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does require backflow preventers in fire protection systems. The real question is why? Backflow preventers stop water from flowing in the opposite direction. When the water flows in only one direction, it’s less likely for it to become contaminated. Without these components, people may end up drinking water with chemicals or extra minerals in it.

Piping Systems

Plumbing systems consist of various stopping points. It’s very easy for cross-contamination to occur because there are various connections that come into contact with one another. So, backflow preventers must be installed to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. This contamination can show up in multiple places, including toilets and bathtubs. The excess chemicals will sit at the top of the faucet so that when you turn it on, the chemicals will be released onto your hands. Backflow preventers are the only thing that can stop this from happening.


Backflow preventers must be certified and inspected yearly. Only people with the correct certificates can state that a backflow preventer is safe and ready to go. Luckily, Backflow Direct has certified backflow preventers for buildings that are in need of one. The only way businesses will pass inspection is if the components have been certified by a professional. For this reason, people should take a look at Backflow Direct because we have high-quality, certified preventers that’ll keep your building up to code. This article has skillfully answered: do fire protection systems require backflow preventers?