Essential Tools To Have While Working on a Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers require maintenance. Owners need to take care of the devices to ensure they work well in emergencies. Of course, workers need certain things at their disposal during the maintenance process. This is a list of essential tools to have while working on a backflow preventer.

Backflow Test Kit

Backflow test kits come equipped with several items to help workers fix or repair a backflow preventer. Most kits include a relief valve, hose, O-ring, and lubricant. People might need to find instructions on how to replace a relief valve before beginning the process. It’s crucial that the hose is connected to the correct spot and the O-ring is secure, prohibiting movement.


Wrenches are invaluable tools to have while working on a backflow preventer. Sometimes, people just have to tighten valves to stop a leakage. On the other hand, if a component is too tight, someone must loosen it. Using a wrench, a worker can twist the wrench to let water flow more naturally through the pipes.

Brushes and Air Compressors

It’s vital to keep a backflow preventer clean. Debris and contaminants can impact the device’s efficiency. As a result, you need brushes and air compressors to get rid of molecules when needed. Brushes can get into hard-to-reach areas that hands cannot. Moreover, air compressors are a simple way to push any debris in the backflow preventer.

It’s critical that backflow preventers always run at full capacity. Since they’re needed in emergencies, no one can afford a malfunction. So, workers must do what they can to maintain these mechanisms. Of course, they’ll need certain tools to complete the job. Backflow test kits, wrenches, and brushes and air compressors are all essential things to keep in the toolbox.

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