How Often Should You Inspect Your Backflow Preventer?

How often should you inspect your backflow preventer? You should regularly take a look at your backflow preventer but leave the inspection to a certified professional. You can look for leaks and changes in your water pressure, but a proper inspection requires the right tools and know-how that only certified backflow professionals have. Read on to learn more about inspection requirements for your plumbing system and its components.

Annual Inspections

If your backflow preventer doesn’t incur any damage or display any complications throughout the year, an annual inspection and test of your device is typically sufficient. Yearly backflow preventer check-ups are a legal requirement in most jurisdictions. Your local government or affiliated backflow agency will likely contact you when an inspection is required. If your building isn’t held to annual device testing standards, it’s still recommended that you hire a certified inspector once a year to ensure proper functionality and plumbing safety.

Emergency Inspections

Backflow prevention devices are prone to physical damage, functionality complications, and general performance issues. If you notice any problems with your plumbing system and equipment, consider hiring emergency services. By getting an expert’s opinion on the situation quickly, you can find the best possible solution and mitigate further problems and save on repair costs. However, some situations require more drastic actions, such as complete device replacement.

Backflow Preventer Replacement

Annual and emergency inspections are vital for boosting the durability and functionality of your backflow preventer and entire plumbing system. However, every backflow prevention device eventually requires a complete replacement, whether due to normal wear and tear or damages caused by outside factors. In general, residential backflow preventers last 3 to 5 years, depending on maintenance habits and other, uncontrollable influences. Commercial preventers, meanwhile, remain operational anywhere from 5 to 10 years, sometimes longer. As the 10-year mark approaches for your backflow preventer, consult with your certified inspector about the possibility of replacing your device with a newer one. Their expertise can help you find the most practical solution for your building or business.

Knowing how often you should inspect your backflow preventer ensures better durability, functionality, and performance for your system as a whole. If you’re in need of replacement backflow prevention products, check out our selection of DCDA devices today!