Reduced Pressure or Double Check: What’s the Difference?

If you need new backflow prevention equipment for your fire sprinklers, mainline cross-connection, or another plumbing system, it’s important to understand the different devices. The two most common types of backflow preventers are reduced pressure and double-check devices.

Read on to learn more about the difference between the two products and which brands provide the highest quality backflow solutions for your needs.

Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventers

Reduced pressure (RP) backflow preventers are more suitable for medium-high hazard applications. Furthermore, they’re typically implemented into boilers, fire sprinklers, and irrigation systems. A major distinction of RP preventers is the inclusion of a relief valve. Primarily, this component helps regulate consistent levels of pressure within the equipment.

Additionally, the relief valve helps remove contaminated backflowing water supplies, ensuring it never enters public service lines. If the first and second checks fail, water will flow out of the relief valve and onto the ground but not backward through the pipes. Because of their failsafe mechanism, you’ll often find RP preventers in chemical plants and healthcare facilities where potential pollutants and toxins are more common.

Double Check Backflow Preventers

Double Check (DC) preventers, as their name suggests, sport two check valves inside the device’s main body. These check valves are spring-loaded and work well to prevent both back siphonage and backpressure backflow.

Unlike an RP device, DC preventers lack a relief valve. If the first and second checks fail, water could flow backward into the potable water supply. That is why DCs are better suited for low-hazard situations, but these preventers are highly effective for many applications, including fire suppression systems.

Why Deringer Is the Best Brand for RP and DC Devices

We at Backflow Direct proudly carry our significant Deringer product line of backflow preventers and valves. We may be biased, but our backflow prevention equipment, whether it’s an RP or DC assembly, is the superior solution for your fire suppression systems and service line cross-connections. This is because all of our Deringer backflow preventers are extremely lightweight and durable—they’re the only 100 percent stainless steel backflow products available on the market! We highly recommend considering our Deringer selection when purchasing backflow prevention devices and parts.

Understanding the difference between a reduced pressure and double-check backflow preventer ensures you make a more successful and practical investment for your business when purchasing new products. Contact our friendly team today for more information on our backflow preventers and the best device for your specific needs.