What Can Cause Backsiphonage Conditions To Occur?

Backsiphonage occurs during backflow. Blockages in pipes caused by clogs and water main damages and ruptures can reverse the flow of water and, in the process, contaminate potable water supplies. Backsiphonage creates negative pressure (from a vacuum) in supply piping – much like a drinking straw, that pressure sucks the water flow in the wrong direction. Read on to learn more about the things that can cause backsiphonage conditions and how to protect the community when it does occur.

Water Main Breaks and Ruptures

The most common reason for backsiphonage in pipes is a water main rupture. When a water main breaks, all pressure inside the pipes is completely lost. Depending on your irrigation equipment, this pressure loss triggers the negative pressure and vacuum, perfect conditions for siphoning any liquid. Even minor repair services can disrupt water mains and cause backsiphonage problems throughout the community.

Fire Department Use

Another widespread occurrence that can cause backsiphonage in your pipes is when firefighters access and use fire hydrants. Yes, these hydrants connect to the city main as much as any other water source in a community. When in use, water gets redirected to the fire hydrant (thanks to pressure and fire hoses), thus causing backsiphonage for surrounding supply lines. The increased demand for lots of water leads to backflow and other piping issues. Additionally, a damaged fire hydrant can also cause backsiphonage.

How To Stop Backsiphonage

Preventing backsiphonage is the same as preventing backflow issues overall. Installing a quality backflow prevention device can help prevent water from flowing into the potable water supply. Backflow prevention equipment uses valves and air gaps to stop the reverse flow, and you should install them onto any lines that source water from city mains.

Understanding what can cause backsiphonage conditions to occur is essential in protecting the health and well-being of the general public. Contaminated water can breed terrible diseases and even cause fatalities. Shop for all your backflow equipment and parts here at Backflow Direct! We carry everything you need, including our Deringer 30 products – order yours today.