What It Takes for a Product To Become FM Approved

There's a lot that goes into getting the "FM approved" mark on a product. It takes careful planning, precise engineering, and rigorous testing. Products that have FM approval were tested and certified to meet specific safety standards. These products went through extensive safety testing to ensure that they won't cause fires, explosions, or other safety hazards. What does it take for a product to become FM approved?

Manufacturer Requests for Approval

The first step in the process is for the manufacturer to submit a formal request for approval to FM. This request should include detailed information about the product, including its design and construction. The manufacturer must also provide test results and other supporting documentation.

Review and Testing

FM's technical staff will review the request. If everything looks good, the product gets tested. This testing includes a variety of laboratory tests as well as field testing. For instance, a product might be subjected to a fire test to see its performance in a real-world scenario.


If the product passes all the tests, it is certified as FM approved. The manufacturer can use the certification mark to promote and market the product. Despite the rigorous testing and certification process, not all products gain approval from FM. Some products simply don't meet the safety standards, or no person can make the products meet them.


FM also conducts ongoing surveillance of approved products. This includes periodic testing and inspections to ensure that the products continue to meet safety standards. If a product fails to meet the standards or if there is a safety issue with it, FM will take appropriate action, which may include revoking the certification.

Which Products Undergo FM Testing?

FM approval is not just for fire sprinklers. FM approves a wide range of products, including fire alarms, extinguishers, and suppression systems. The testing and certification process also applies to the components and subsystems that make up these systems.

Buy With Peace of Mind

Backflow Direct is certified by FM Approvals to meet their safety and quality standards. Our goal is to help you protect your family, property, and business with FM certified backflow preventers. We also sell fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems. Now that you know what it takes for a product to become FM approved, you can buy with peace of mind knowing that your product has undergone rigorous testing and certification.