What To Consider When Choosing a Backflow Prevention Device

When it comes to plumbing, the parts you use are essential to your operation. Plumbing is nothing to mess around with, so it’s vital to invest in the highest-quality items. For example, think about what to consider when choosing a backflow prevention device.

Consider the Type of Backflow Prevention Device

The type of backflow prevention device you use can make all the difference. Below is a brief exploration of the most popular types. Each type is best for different situations, so be sure to take the time to evaluate the best option for your specific needs and project.

Air Gap

One of the most common types of backflow prevention devices is the air gap. It creates a separation between the free-flow discharge end of a water supply line and the open or non-pressurized receiving vessel.

This type of backflow prevention device is most often common and useful in the sewage, water reclamation, and water supply industries.

Double-Check Valve Assembly

A double-check valve assembly works with two independent check valves that attach at the end of the assembly. It is most often common in fire sprinkler systems, irrigation, and other regular applications.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Pressure vacuum breakers function by operating internally with a loaded check valve and an independently operating loaded air valve. The pressure vacuum breaker assembly is most popular in irrigation systems.

Reduced Pressure Zone Device

With two independently functioning check valves working together, the reduced pressure zone device is perfect for all applications. Its most common use is in domestic water and irrigation service protection and handling health hazard issues, such as sewage or water reclamation.

Think About the Type of Application

When choosing a backflow prevention device, consider what you need the part for. The function of a backflow prevention device is a key deciding factor in which type will work best for you. Here are a few examples of different applications where a backflow prevention device may be necessary.


Homes receive water from a main water supply underground. The water flows through the pipes in a singular direction. Sometimes, with fluctuations in the water pressure, the pipes can flow in the reverse direction. This is when a backflow prevention device can help at home.

Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities often need a backflow preventer for similar reasons as homes. It will ensure that backflow doesn’t contaminate the water supply, keeping employees and customers safe. It also prevents issues in the sprinkler systems in these larger facilities.

Water Sanitation Facilities

In the world of water reclamation and sanitation, backflow can contaminate large amounts of water. When backflow happens at these places, it can affect the water of an entire neighborhood or town. Heavy-duty backflow prevention systems are essential here.

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