Why Pressure Regulation Is Important in Backflow Preventers

Backflow prevention helps protect communities from accidental cross-contamination between private properties and public water lines. However, backflow prevention is impossible without pressure regulation. Read on to learn why pressure regulation is important in backflow preventers and whether reduced-pressure preventers are right for your system.

Comparing Water Pressure Regulator Valves and Backflow Preventers

It’s essential to understand the key differences between pressure regulator valves, also called pressure relief valves, and backflow preventers, as their functions and applications are often misconstrued. First, pressure regulation and backflow prevention are two separate processes that work together to protect against cross-contamination of the water supply. Regulator valves are installed in conjunction with backflow equipment to maintain consistent water pressure levels throughout the piping. This pressure regulation is vital to the proper functioning of backflow preventers by ensuring public and private water lines remain separated. Ultimately, this joint effort helps protect the health and well-being of communities everywhere.

Understanding How Pressure Regulator Valves Work

So, how exactly do the valves regulate water pressure and assist the backflow prevention equipment? First, pressure regulators have internal sensors, known as traducers, that can accurately detect water pressure throughout irrigation or plumbing infrastructure. A mechanism inside the valve—often a piston or spring-loaded diaphragm—activates to adjust the flow of water. As pressure changes to an ideal level, these mechanisms slowly reverse. Aside from preventing instances of backflow, pressure regulators protect your piping and plumbing fixtures from pressure-related damages and complications.

Combining the Two

We mentioned that pressure regulators are installed in conjunction with a backflow preventer, but this isn’t always true. A reduced-pressure backflow preventer includes a relief valve within the configuration of the device. Known as an RP backflow preventer, this equipment boasts high-performance capabilities and is exceptionally simple to install. Plus, the costs and space saved by combining these plumbing devices can benefit your business tremendously. That’s why RP backflow preventers are often found attached to fire sprinklers and other small water-supplied systems.

As you can see, pressure regulation is an important function in backflow preventers and in prevention overall. If you’re interested in learning more about how an RP backflow preventer can benefit your application, please get in touch with our friendly team at Backflow Direct today for further information. We’re happy to help you find the best backflow prevention solutions for your specific needs.