Why You Should Have a Professional Test Your Backflow Systems

Backflow prevention equipment requires regular testing and inspections to ensure proper functionality and protection for the well-being of surrounding communities. Whether you have a small DCDA hooked up to a few fire suppression sprinklers or a massive RPZ installed on your commercial building’s plumbing infrastructure, backflow systems must receive a professional test annually. Read on to learn about the importance of these certified inspections and why you should always hire trusted professionals for these services.

The Professional Difference

Inspecting your backflow preventer is vastly different than hiring a certified tester. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, almost all municipal codes throughout the United States enforce annual backflow preventer inspections for commercial businesses and public buildings. The punishments for failing these mandates often include fines and interruptions to property water supply lines.

Hiring a certified tester when the time comes for an inspection is vital. Aside from meeting legal requirements, professional inspectors have the training, experience, and equipment to explore your plumbing infrastructure safely and properly. Knowledgeable professionals are significantly less likely to hurt themselves or damage backflow components than you are!

The Importance of Annual Testing

Annual backflow system tests are legally required, but you’re probably wondering why they are so important. You must understand the functions of backflow prevention equipment and its impact on surrounding communities. Backflow preventers monitor internal pipeline conditions and prevent backflowing water from contaminating potable supply lines. Without widespread backflow preventers in our towns and cities, our residential faucets and showers would be pumping out water with agricultural runoff, chemical toxins, human and animal waste, and viruses!

Even though backflow preventers mitigate many potential disasters every day, they are prone to complications and malfunctions. Annual tests identify potential issues impacting a specific backflow preventer, ensuring adequate time to implement a suitable solution. For example, a certified tester might discover a cracked or obstructed valve component during an inspection. Without a backflow test, the damages would progress unnoticed and pose a larger hazard in the near future.

Finding a Reputable Backflow Systems Tester

Understanding the importance of annual backflow preventer tests is easy, but hiring services from a reputable backflow systems tester is more complex. What are the signs and characteristics of a suitable business or plumbing contractor? First and foremost, it’s essential to find a company with extensive experience in backflow prevention, DEP laws, and municipal waterline codes. Choose a business with additional specialties, such as backflow repair, maintenance, installation, and violation clearance. This experience indicates the service providers fully understand your plumbing equipment and its specific needs. Finally, compare a few different options to find an affordable offer.

Understanding why you should have a professional test your backflow systems rather than doing it yourself ensures better waterline protection and DEP compliance for your equipment, building, and business! Provide your plumbing infrastructure with high-quality equipment by shopping for parts from trusted backflow preventer manufacturers. Explore our selection of helpful backflow solutions and products at Backflow Direct.