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Butterfly Valves

The Deringer utilizes two integral resiliently seated butterfly shut-off valves contained within a single rigid valve housing constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel. Both integral shutoff butterfly valves shall include pre-wired supervisory tamper switches contained within a weatherproof actuator housing approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Deringer Backflow Preventers with butterfly valves stop non-health hazardous pollutants from entering a water supply during backflow or back siphonage. The stainless steel structure makes these backflow preventers the strongest on the market—without a doubt. We have plenty of Backflow Preventers with butterfly valves on our site, check them out today!

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  1. Deringer Double Check Backflow Preventer Valve (DC)
    Deringer 20 (DC) Double Check Backflow Preventer
  2. Deringer 30
    Deringer 30 (DCDA-II) Double Check Detector Backflow Preventer
  3. DERINGER 40 (RP)
    Deringer 40 (RP) Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer
    Deringer 50 (RPDA-II) Reduced Pressure Detector Backflow Preventer
  5. Deringer 20X
    Deringer 20X (DC) Xtreme Performance Double Check Backflow Preventer
  6. Deringer30X GPM
    Deringer 30X (DCDA-II) Xtreme Performance Double Check Detector Backflow Preventer