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Do you need the relief valve shipped attached?

Contact your water authority to find out. If you need us to attach the relief valve, contact us. 

+ 5-7 Days Additional Processing Time

+ $80 for 2"-4" Assemblies

+ $110 for 6"-8" Assemblies

Why would Backflow Direct attach the relief valve for me?

Some water authorities require that “all backflow assemblies shall be delivered for installation completely assembled by the original manufacture." See the USC Manual of Cross-Connection Control Tenth Edition Section for more information.


How do I know if I need Backflow Direct to attach the relief valve? 

It's usually unnecessary, but to be sure, check with your water authority. 


Why the extra fee and processing time?

There is extra labor for us and also, when the relief valve is shipped attached, we need to use a larger box/crate. Our standard packaging is designed to be as small and efficient as possible, it’s more sustainable and helps keep shipping costs low. When we attach the relief valve, we need to find non-standard box and packaging material, then package it carefully, so that the valve isn’t damaged in transit.


I can attach the Relief Valve myself, do I need to order one separately?

All Deringer RPs come with a relief valve in the box. You don't need to order a relief valve with your Deringer RP. 


How do I attach the Relief Valve myself?

All you need is a wrench and it will only take a few minutes. Each of these videos shows how to install, remove and maintenance a relief valve.

How to Maintenance a 2½"-4" Deringer 40 Relief Valve

How to Maintenance a 6"-8" Deringer 40 Relief Valve

How to Maintenance a 2½"-4" Deringer 50 Relief Valve

How to Maintenance a 6"-8" Deringer 50 Relief Valve